A Little Insight

downloadThis is a bit lengthy, but please read so you will understand our upcoming changes😚

A lot of our customers have asked me why we have chosen to close the storefront and switch to a order only “Cake Studio”? There are two main reasons that I am happy to share.

~The first being that after looking closely at our finances we have determined that 90% of our business comes from orders. The volume of walk-in clientele simply doesn’t cover the cost to operate a storefront. I have tried to keep it going for the customers who like to come in and get a cupcake here or there, but at this point it is not in our best interest to keep doing so.
~Secondly, many of you who know me personally know that I suffer from to RA. With many, many hours being put in to run the bakery I fear that if I don’t cut back I won’t be able to continue making your beautiful cakes and yummy cupcakes long term. So I’m opting to make fewer treats and hopefully fitting in more cakes while cutting back on hours and stress. Cakes are my passion and I truly hope to continue to grow this area of my business.

I know I have a lot of disappointed customers right now, please know that we are NOT going out of business, just doing business a bit differently.

The Visions in Cake – Cake Studio will be open by APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please be sure to pickup at your designated appointment in a TIMELY manner, as I will not be there all hours.

For PREORDERS please keep the following in mind.

I will be baking and decorating alone, but I will try and accommodate as many orders as I can.

We are going to be offering at our new location BY PREORDER custom cakes, basic cakes, all flavors cupcakes, as well as pies and cookies.

There will be the following quanity MINIMUMS:
☆6 cupcakes for bakery size (flavors can vary)
☆12 for regular size (of all one flavor)
☆6 cookies (of one flavor).

~MONDAY -THURSDAY: pickups will require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cupcakes, cookies or pies.
~All basic cakes will require a 48 hour notice mid- week.
~For orders due on the WEEKEND (other than custom cakes) we will require a minimum of 48 hours, these orders will be limited so please get your orders in quickly.
~For ALL custom cakes, unless advertised, we will require 2 to 4 weeks notice. We book VERY quickly and already have orders into August 2018. Please bear this in mind, as I will rarely be able to fit cakes in last minute.

Please keep visiting our website and Facebook page for more updates, including: full cupcake and cake flavor menu and a map and directions to our new shop location.


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