thumb-acd5eb5f4b0a9c8710c84ec99ef0319aIt is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. 😢 Due to progression of my RA and associated health issues I will be taking yet another step back. I will be taking a limited amount orders on a weekly basis, and will not be accepting any new orders until after Jan 1st. All previous orders will be honored as will dates being held for repeat customers or regular basis orders.

Please secure your dates as soon as you know them for guaranteed availability, and keep an eye on our availability calendar on our Facebook page. I will try and keep it updated as best I can.

After closing the storefront I hoped I could manage with the smaller space, but the space really didn’t work out (climate control and hot water issues). After thanksgiving I will be back to operating from my home kitchen. I’m still working on a pickup location that’s convenient and will keep you posted.

Thank you all for your continued support, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for you or your celebrations.

To order: Call us at 828-520-1110, message us on facebook at or email us at



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